About Us


Soon after the Turkish invasion, in its tiny premises situated in the acritic area of Kaimakli on 11 Vasileos Pavlou street, Christos A. Kokkinos decided to establish his company, Tentotap Ltd, having as its main line of business the provision of services of shading of exteriors.

Tentotap starting carrying out its business first in the province of Nicosia where it undertook the placing of tents in exterior areas for private houses and business premises.

Since then and up until today under the management of the three sons of its founder, Tentotap has undergone tremendous development and the small premises in Kaimakli has been replaced by a contemporary factory of high standards and offering modern exhibition areas.

Nowadays, Tentotap is an extremely modern company providing a wide range of goods and services such as tents, pergolas, tensile structures and other types of structures for shading designed for houses, restaurants, business premises, hotels, accommodation for tourists etc.

With the quality of its services, the professional experience and expertise of its staff, Tentotap has expanded all over Cyprus and has managed to gain a leading position in the field of shading of exteriors.

Tentotap advances and awaits the future with optimism, always guided by its founding values being its long-standing history and of course respect towards its consumers.

TentoTap is affiliated  with Pissis Ltd